Our Story

Meet Brooke & Eric

The story of Grove Collective began with passion for accessible and trendy home decor and furnishings. Founded as Utah Furniture Deals in 2018, the brand quickly outgrew its garage-based showroom, eventually evolving culminating in the creation of Grove Collective—newer, bigger, and better in every way. Today, we proudly house a vast selection of furniture, decor, and employ a dedicated team of 45+ experts.

In 2023, a new chapter began as Eric and Brooke Smith assumed the helm. Eric and Brooke have been designing custom homes for over 20 years. They have a deep passion for design and beauty. Brooke began her design career at Ensign College where she received her interior design degree. Eric started his first business venture in 2000 and has been running and maintaining several businesses since then. 

In 2000 they purchased an interior design firm in Saint George, Utah where they specialized in custom homes, remodels, and commercial design. Eric is the brains and the braun behind the business while Brooke provides the function and overall aesthetic behind each design. 

They are excited to take on this successful furniture business and expand it into Saint George this fall!