Our Favorite 2024 Vegas Market Trends

We recently traveled to Las Vegas for Market to find the latest and greatest in furniture and decor. It's not just about finding beautiful pieces; we also get an up-close look at the newest trends in furniture and design. Your home, decor, and furniture reflect your unique personal style, and in 2024, interior design trends offer compelling avenues to express yourself boldly, with authenticity and intention. Today, we are thrilled to give you a first look at our favorite trends and what is set to come!

1. Saturated Colors in Upholstery

Color plays a crucial role in setting the tone of any space, and we are loving the use of saturated colors in upholstery. While it's tempting to stick with safe neutrals like beige, cream, and navy for larger furniture pieces, 2024 encourages you to challenge your instincts and think outside the box, or perhaps, on the other side of the color wheel. The era of stark white is gradually fading away, making way for the richness of hues like deep browns, vibrant yellows, clay-type pinks and reds (Pantone has named Peach Fuzz the Color of the Year for 2024), and lush deep greens. These sophisticated shades offer a beautiful way to experiment and create a striking impact, especially when paired with natural and warmer wood tones, another trend that is here to stay.

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2. Warm Wood Tones

As dark and moody interiors gain popularity, you'll find yourself drawn to pieces featuring warmer wood tones. Complementing the aesthetic of natural spaces, warm shades of wood elevate relatively simple furniture designs. From natural teak dining tables to sleek oak sideboards, the authenticity and inherent warmth of darker wood tones are a timeless and versatile element in design. For those seeking a more subtle touch, consider incorporating darker woods through picture and mirror frames, as well as decorative bowls and trays.

Kerville Sideboard


3. Texture

Bold textures are set to make a grand entrance, infusing furniture pieces with character and personality. Textured elements bring life and movement to a space, helping it to feel warm and welcoming. This year, it's all about going big and making a statement with plush velvets, intricately textured rattan or cane accents, and all things soft and cozy. We noticed a wide array of materials with different finishes, colors, and smoothness levels. These elements have a remarkable ability to bring depth and dimension to your space.

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4. Darker, Bolder Marble

One of the standout trends in 2024 is the dominance of natural materials, particularly darker and bolder marble. The appeal lies in the sophisticated aesthetic, rich with warmth and character. Marble, being timeless, remarkably versatile, and exceptionally durable, has seen a shift towards darker and bolder varieties with unique veining and captivating swirls. Expect to see shades of pink and earthy tones, swirled black, grey, and white, as well as cream with rich oxblood. We wholeheartedly embrace this trend, appreciating the pieces that make a distinctive and striking statement.

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These trends are steering us towards bold and statement-making moments, enriched with personality and infused with an organic and textural quality. As we embrace this exciting direction, it's crucial to recognize that the essence lies not just in following trends, but in curating spaces that resonate with your individual style and preferences. Have questions or don’t know where to start? Head over to our Design Services page to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a member of our design team!