Say Hello to our New Owners!

A few months ago, Grove Collective embarked on an exciting new journey as Brooke and Eric Smith took the helm and became the new owners of this cherished brand. With over 20 years of expertise in custom home design, their passion for design and beauty shines through.

Brooke Smith's venture into the design world began at Ensign College, where she refined her skills and obtained her interior design degree. This academic foundation set the stage for her evolving career. Meanwhile, Eric started his first business venture in 2000, and since then, he's been the driving force behind multiple successful businesses.

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In the year 2000, Brooke and Eric made a significant move by acquiring an interior design firm in St. George, Utah. Their focus swiftly shifted toward custom homes, remodels, and commercial design. Eric skillfully manages the operational aspects of the business, applying his ingenuity, while Brooke, drawing on her expertise, infuses the functionality and overall aesthetic into each design.

Brooke and Eric have seamlessly integrated their extensive experience and genuine passion for design and aesthetics with the Grove Collective you all know and love. Their vision expands to opening a SECOND location for Grove Collective in St. George, allowing us to introduce our thoughtfully curated furniture and home decor collection to an even wider audience. Keep an eye out and follow us on Instagram at Grovecollectivehome for exciting updates on our upcoming grand opening!

Pick up and delivery options are available NOW for our Southern Utah customers!