Creative Ways to Use Garland in Your Holiday Decor

Garland is a cherished part of any holiday tradition, and we love it around here! It's the epitome of festive and a timeless way to invite the beauty of the natural world into your home. Whether you opt for grand, sweeping displays or prefer a more modest touch, our Cedar Swag Garland is a versatile and enduring addition to your holiday decor. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use garland during the holidays!

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Garland on the Mantel + Beyond

The fireplace mantel is an iconic location for holiday decor. It serves as the heart of the home, where the warmth of the fire blends seamlessly with the holiday season. However, what if you don't have the luxury of a traditional mantel? Don't worry! There are numerous opportunities to infuse the holiday spirit throughout your home. Think beyond the mantel and look for other furniture pieces with flat tops that can serve as a perfect canvas for your holiday garland. Consider console tables, sideboards, hutches, credenzas, or even a piano. These flat surfaces provide excellent spaces to showcase your garland and create a festive atmosphere. When choosing the right spot for your garland, think about the rooms where you typically gather with family and friends. By adorning these flat surfaces with garland, you can instantly add holiday magic to your living spaces, even without a traditional mantel.

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Garland as a Dining Table Centerpiece

Another spot we love to incorporate garland is at the dining table, where it can serve as a stunning centerpiece. Whether you're hosting a festive holiday feast or an intimate family dinner, garland can add a festive touch of natural beauty to your dining experience. In the center of your garland, position a seasonal centerpiece, such as a vase filled with holiday stems or candlesticks that match your theme.

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Decorative Add-Ins

-Incorporate ornaments: hang ornaments from the garland or nestle them within the foliage for a touch of elegance. Choose a variety of sizes and textures to create visual interest. A few of our favorites are the North Star Ornament, the Mosaic Star Ornament, and the Red Ball Ornament.

-Add ribbon or bows: introduce ribbon or bows that complement your garland and ornaments. You can tie them into bows or create cascading ribbon tails for an elegant touch.

-Include natural elements: pinecones, berries, or faux snow can enhance the natural appeal of your garland. Scatter them throughout the garland for a cohesive look.

-Bells, candleholders, or decorative trees can help keep the greenery in place and add dimension to the overall look.

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